My name is Jessica 😀 I am a psych student from Bangor University and this blog is a weekly must of 500-word-topics revolving around Research Methods and Statistics III (must be posted every Friday at 12am at the latest to get the points!).  So if youre on my course and up for some academic natter, then post for points! 😀 Woo!


Also!  If I’m seen as critical, I apologise!  But I know if I’m weighing up both pros and cons within a blog, then it may be a tad easier to get the grades since I’m so used to writing that way ^^  No dislikes intended! ❤  You’re all welcome to grill me as much as you like, since an argument is great to argue back with 😛 (+another comment! etc.) again, all with the fun of getting more comments to answer to and more points to recieve :3


2 Responses to "About"

I need your last name so I can cite you for one of my papers

Dear Jessica. Would you be interested in guest blogging on http://forfreepsychology.wordpress.com? We already have several guest bloggers, but need more knowledge on DID and statistics. Do you have other subject you are interested about?
If this sounds like something you would like, feel free to email us at: forfreepsychology@gmail.com

Get your psych points and reply!

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