“The Big 5” videos – great for a leg-up on personality lectures

Posted on: December 14, 2011

When we started doing the big 5 personality traits in our groups, i felt a little odd being one of the few yelling them all out 😛  So I promised my group to share a great BBC documentary “Child of Our Time – The Big Personality Test” that I learned so much from years ago!  Whilst lying ill in bed, hoping that the cysts on my ribcage do not mutate and absorb my body, i decided to track down the videos in the meantime (honestly, this is the reason as to why i wasn’t in today!  doctors orders to not aggrivate it and move as little as possible until they go down – score!)  There are two episodes, and – in my opinion, they’re really interesting!  (Dr. Robert Winston was my psychology inspiration whilst growing up!  What a sad fact!)

So here’s the list:

Episode 1 – Part 1/6

Episode 1 – Part 2/6

Episode 1 – Part 3/6

Episode 1 – Part 4/6

Episode 1 – Part 5/6

Episode 1 – Part 6/6

Episode 2 – Part 1/6

Episode 2 – Part 2/6

Episode 2 – Part 3/6

Episode 2 – Part 4/6

Episode 2 – Part 5/6

Episode 2 – Part 6/6

Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did 🙂 helped me remember a lot of things about personality traits (particularly with development!)

Also A BIG THANK YOU TO THANDI!  Who has been an amazing TA!  I hope she sticks with us – it’s sad to hear she could be moving groups, but I wish her all the best!

Have a good christmas!


3 Responses to "“The Big 5” videos – great for a leg-up on personality lectures"

should the big 5 really be the psychologist bread and butter though, can they not be seen as a bit too fixed, we assume we have found the answer with the big five however many other personality scales get overlooked alot which could have clinical practice as we all trust in the big 5?

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The videos are nice. I thought of writing some more interesting information.

Influence is shown from both heredity and environment by all five factors (Wikipedia).
=>Percentage of heritability:
Openness to Experience = 57%
Extraversion= 54%
Conscientiousness= 49%
Neuroticism= 48%
Agreeableness= 42%

=> Frank Sulloway even argued that personality trait is correlated with birth order. He claimed that the first born ones are more socially dominant and conscientious, less agreeable and less open to new ideas compared to late born ones.

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